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TBP- The Body Paths Stress Management Program

 Empower your team to regain control, of challenging situations, improve workplace atmosphere, gain highly effective techniques to reduce workplace stress, work with more energy and enthusiasm and more.

 All employees experience stressful times at work, and failure to manage stress in the workplace and personal life’ can result in higher depression levels, increased absence rates, burn out, time off, employee turn overs, and a drop in performance. Organizations who address staff well-being and work-related stress experience an improvement in employee happiness and job-related performance.

 Our unique Stress Management Training for employees, called TBP- The Body Paths Program, provides effective techniques for managing workplace stress, proven coping strategies for reducing anxiety, prevent injuries, and help individuals to develop self-awareness and confidence.

How Our TBP The Body Paths Program Stress Management Works?

 Iris Holistic Care assures the quality, integrity, and safety of its programs as a preventative measure in which each person finds his/her paths by exploring the origins for personal history, intelligence, and emotion. The aim is, to develop a concept in which body is as a unity, and its natural movements are to be not learned, but to be experienced in the mental, physical and emotional levels. includes, interactive activities, a power point presentation, where the focus should be for all participants to experience the exercises, practice body-mind exercises and learn how to apply it on a daily basis, at work and personal life too.


We can tailor the duration of the training accordingly to the needs.
Course Objectives

 The below course objectives can be tailored to meet your exact training and development requirements and can be adapted directly to your industry.

 Target Audience
Suitable for all individuals or teams at work. There are no physical restrictions to participation to the program, all activities are safe, with gentle movements and Karina Linhares as a Physical Educator, in a variety of fields is well trained to work with individuals with special needs, and all group ages and physical conditions. We also, tailor size of audience, from 1- 300 attendees or more.


T.B.P. The Body Paths Program works because it uses the power of subconscious mind, it goes deep in the way your body relates and responds to/from environment.

We can tailor the program to fit your needs! 

Contact us for booking and quotes. Get in touch so we can start working together.

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