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Disclaimer and Liability


Disclaimer of Liability & Release of claims:

The participants/clients assume all risks associated with their participation in the Iris Holistic Care Programs. Iris Holistic Care does not accept liability for body injuries, death, property, or loss due to any cause whatsoever, including, without limitation, negligence on Iris Holistic Care part.

Release participants/clients/companies waive any claims they may now and in the future have against, and release from all liability and agree not to sue Iris Holistic Care and its owners, facilitators, or employees. This release includes all bodily injuries, death, property, or any loss sustained by clients/participants as a result in the Iris Holistic Care, programs including without limitation negligence on Iris Holistic Care, facilitators, hypnosis consultants, Reiki instructors, Energy Healers, Body Work, Biomagnetism consultants, agents, owners, and employees.


The participant should know that the programs' contents do not intend to replace professional medical advice. One must consult a health care professional before doing any physical, mental, and energy activities. As alternative holistic therapists, we do not diagnose medical or psychological conditions; we do not prescribe medications or treat mental disorders. 


We use hypnosis, NLP, radiesthesia, biomagnetism, and meditation techniques to help clients achieve freedom from restrictive thoughts and limiting beliefs, assist in solving personal problems, develop motivation, and achieve goals. The hypnotherapist provides an understanding of the mind and the subconscious dynamics, and the client provides expertise in their lives, emotions, and body. The client is responsible for the success of the enterprise by proactively applying the tools taught. We expect the client to evaluate the methods practiced and inform the hypnotherapist what works best and if any alteration is needed to improve success.

Please indicate the package of your choice below, and sign this form to confirm reading this document and agreeing with its contents.


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