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Payments and Cancellations


All participants of the Iris Holistic Care programs, workshops, courses, sessions, and activities must pay before the session/class/event via E-Transfers, Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal. Services includes Life Graph, Reframing sessions, Health Graph, Home in a Graph, Weight Management Program, Employees Wellness Program.

Initial Fee of CAD$ 180.00 First Assessment/Intake and Final Report Progress is collected prior your first session. 



Iris Holistic Care has a 24-hour services notice cancelation policy (24 hours or more before the service) with no fee and should be fully refunded. As for last-minute cancelations (less than 24 hours before the service), clients/participants will be charged a fee of 30% of the total amount of the service booked.

Events cancelations policies are not included in this term. However, all events will have their cancelation policy.

Special Discounts, long term balancing treatments, family plan


Iris Holistic Care, personalize and tailor prices and programs accordingly to client/organization needs. All our prices are in CD$ (Canadian Dollar Currency), so even though I.H.C.  prices and fees are fixed in our Canadian Currency, it  may vary in case of country of residence is outside Canada, and an exchange rates will be performed accordingly to client form of payment and no extra charges will be placed from I.H.C.

We also offer family packages and special discounts to be discussed with clients individually and privately.


Our services are not covered by insurance companies.


No taxes are added to the price shown.

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