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Balance for Life!

T.B.P. The Body Paths

Your body talks, your mind connects and your soul evolves.

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Show U Care 
Stress Management Training 
for Customer Relations

We at I.H.C. provide wellbeing corporate packages for customer service stress management training, with a holistic approach.

We strongly believe, that the individuals providing the customer care, are the ones that need to be cared first in order to provide a great experience to their customers.

Our main goal is to empower customer care agents self-mastery, self-control, self-success and self-awareness. Mental, physical and emotional balance are the 3 pillars towards individuals health and wellbeing. I.H.C. programs helps to create a better work atmosphere, improving the way the individuals relate with themselves and others.

Our Clientele

We focus on the wellbeing of staff in a variety of work settings, such as hospitals, community centers, mental health clinics, financial and social organizations.

Our unique and exclusive program called T.B.P. The Body Paths  includes meditation, breathing, gentle psychomotor exercises, visualization, bio magnetic body flow movements,  that helps balance body, mind and soul, to better manage stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, lack of focus and concentration.


Onsite Training can be tailored according to your organization needs.

Please, contact us for more info.

Hospital Employees
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